His butterfly

"What do you know about living?" She stood there with tears in her eyes, quivering lip and clenched fists.

"What do you know about life? Or happiness? Or kindness? You are a cold-hearted cynical workaholic."

Her words hurt me more than a sledgehammer would have.

I sighed. "It's true that I know nothing about living. I only know about surviving. But you, beautiful butterfly, have given me a taste. A taste of happiness, kindness, life."

She still refused to look at me, so I carefully lay my hands on the length of her jawbones, forcing her ocean blue eyes to meet my own green ones.

"You taught me that it's more in this world than money, more than fame, acceptance and education.

You showed me warmth, laughter, even love. You give me pterodactyls in my tummy."

She gave a half sob - half chuckle.

"I was blindfolded. I was so focused on getting myself a safe future that I forgot to live. I am so sorry, my butterfly. I am so sorry."

She smiled through the stream of tears, and the sight nearly broke my heart. She was a lost soul trying to pull herself together, and I knew she put on a brave face every day, only to break down when she was alone.

"My butterfly, I want to thank you. Yes, thank you for giving me the taste of living and for learning me how to appreciate the small things in life. A blanket fort, the sunset, a pair of worn sneakers, a smile, a song on an old piano."

I hugged her tightly, as if she would slip through my fingers any minute.

She said quietly "I love you so much, Aidan."

I smiled into her soft, vanilla scented hair.

"I love you even mucher, butterfly."

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17.03.2011 kl.15:39

Veldig bra skrive! Likte det veldig godt, elska lese engelsk! :) Veldig fine bilder ogs.


17.03.2011 kl.15:46

marievz: Tusen takk :)

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