When I walked to work this morning, I noticed the smell of Autumn in the air. In one way it made me happy, but I also felt a bit sad. Summer has gone by so very fast this year, and I have spent most of it working.

Negative: As everyone know, after Fall comes Winter, and I can honestly say that I don't like that time of year. Sure it can be fun playing in the snow, go skiing, celebrating Christmas,and Winter sceneries truly are beutiful, but I don't like the cold. I'm a cold-blooded person, and I don't heat up very fast if I get cold. And then there's Influensa and illnesses. Blah. Give me Summer all year!

Positive: I'm happy because I love the colors Autumn bring, and I have decided to spend as much time as I can at my family's cabin in the mountains. Nature is beautiful there at Fall, and I love being alone with my thoughts and a good book.

What time of the year is your favorite?

(I'm sorry wrote this post in English, but I feel I can express myself better in English than Norwegian :) )

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05.08.2010 kl.21:04

aw, hsten er den fineste rstida


06.08.2010 kl.14:37

Engelsk er digg! :D

Veldig fine bilder, haust er ei veldig fin rstid! :) Sommaren har gtt veldig fort! og det har ikkje vore s veldig mykje sol heller .-.

Veit ikkje heilt kva som er yndlings rstida mi :)

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